Let’s Get Started!

Ready to start planning your wedding? While it is an important process, it can be a simple one. First, talk with your partner about your vision of your ceremony. What elements are important to include? What do you absolutely not want to do? Who else should be involved? What music and readings are important to you?

Before your ceremony, we’ll meet (either in person or via video chat) for about an hour to talk about your story, and what you’d like the day to look like. I’ll draft an outline for your review, you’ll work through it together, and we’ll finalize the plans.

I’ll also ask you some questions about your life and love, and will integrate what you share into a homily, which tells your story and offers light and depth to your promises.

When your wedding day comes, I will walk through the ceremony with you before the wedding so you know where to stand, when to hold hands, and when to say, “I do.” When the ceremony wraps up, I’ll take care of filing your marriage certificate.

Honoraria vary, based on timing, whether you would like me to facilitate the rehearsal, and where your wedding is held. Most weddings (including the customized ceremony, consultations and edits, officiating the wedding, and filing the certificate) are $500, and facilitating the rehearsal is an additional $100.

Please send me an email to tell me more about you, when and where your wedding will be, and a bit about what you’re looking for in an officiant, and we’ll get things rolling.