What Other Couples Say

“My husband and I were looking for a ceremony that reflected our relationship and our beliefs about what marriage meant.  We didn’t want an off-the-shelf ceremony — we wanted something personalized, sincere, and moving.  Melody worked with us leading up to the wedding to custom-tailor our message, to understand our relationship, and to bring to the table her own inspiring ideas about love and partnership.  The end result was incredible — beautifully written, precisely delivered, and moving for us and our guests.  It was perfect.  For all these reasons, I can’t recommend Melody enough.”

” Melody was a wonderful support for us during the whole wedding process.  She helped make us feel at ease and made the whole shabang go smoothly before, during, and after the wedding.  She helped create a tone of loving-kindness that permeated throughout the wedding day. ”

– Allison & Andy, California

“Melody helped us tie the knot in the most personal, authentic way. Throughout the ceremony planning process she was instrumental at setting the familiar, intimate tone we wanted by suggesting greetings, readings and language that fit our beliefs. She was able to illustrate how we are as a couple and partners, which elevated the ceremony. To this day friends and family still comment on how personal and thoughtful Melody was as an officiant.”

– Keith & Tara, Michigan

“My husband and I first met Melody at my brother’s wedding. After just a short car ride together we knew that when our day came, we would want Melody to officiate. For the next 2 years prior to our wedding, every time I imagined my wedding Melody was there (and we hadn’t even asked her!). So naturally once we talked to her and she agreed I was so relieved! Melody is one of those rare and wonderful people you meet in life who astonish you with their authenticity, kindness, and genuine interest in caring for those around them. Melody has a talent for bringing all people and all faiths together in the name of love. If you are lucky enough to have Melody, she will ask you to go through several tasks prior to your marriage. These tasks served to encourage communication between my spouse and I, and allowed Melody to get to know us. My favorite Melody idea is that she asks you and your partner to each answer many questions about your partner. She then uses these answers in your wedding ceremony to give the audience a chance to get to know you and your relationship, as well as to spark several laughs!  Finally, no ceremony is too much for Melody. My husband and I had a fusion wedding (Christian and Hindu) and Melody gracefully navigated all the challenges we presented. She brought the two religions together under one message of love that put all our guests at ease. At the end of the wedding, I feel that Melody is and will always be a part of my family and I hope she knows that we hope to keep her in our lives forever!!! Thank you Melody for being a cherished friend who always knows how to put a smile on our faces through your fun personality and loving heart. We love you!”

– Esta & Aalap, Ohio

“I’ve known Melody almost my whole life. So when I met the man of my dreams, it was an easy decision that we wanted Melody to marry us. Our wedding was full of so much love and happiness. There was a comfort and confidence in having Melody perform our ceremony. She took the time to get to know Mark and sat down with both of us to know exactly what we wanted for our special day. Her kind words, her sense of humor and her ability to bring so many people together in what can easily be a chaotic situation was a God send.”

– Tina & Mark, Florida

“Melody married our son and daughter in law, and returned to marry our daughter and son in law. She will officiate at our younger daughter’s wedding in a few months. We are a quirky bunch, with a variety of religious views, traditions and cultures in our mix.  Melody brings her remarkable warmth, intelligence, humor and faith to each and every encounter, whether with the bride and groom, their families, or their guests. She creates a sacred, loving and inclusive space where a life time of love can securely begin. Her advance work with each couple makes certain that each service is uniquely personal and matches their wishes completely.”

– Wendy & Trey, Georgia

” Our ceremony was one of the best parts of our wedding day. We knew Melody would find just the right mix of sentiment, spirit, love, and humor while being completely open to our ideas and preferences. There were so many personal and special touches and it was certainly allowed us to “bear witness to the power of love in this world.” Friends are still mentioning what a perfectly beautiful ceremony it was. Basically, she’s a badass lady who puts together an incredibly meaningful and love-filled marriage ceremony.”

– Kelly & Justin, Wisconsin

“Melody as our officiant was absolutely the best decision we made in our wedding planning!  She made a room of 100 feel like a living room of 5 which such an intimacy and thoughtfulness to each word.  When I think about our ceremony, it is impossible for me not to tear up.  She spoke to Steve and I alone prior to the wedding on what we loved about one another and then shared it to us for the first time during the ceremony.  It was so incredibly touching and meant the world to us.  My family and friends still speak about her and how it was the best wedding they ever attended.  To choose Melody as your officiant is to choose a person who to me feels closer to God in a way that I only could aspire.  She feels like an angel brought from heaven to bring joy to the world.  I cannot recommend her enough as she will make your special ceremony thoughtful, intelligent, and incredibly powerful.  I love Melody and thank God every day that she is in my life and was able to share this day with us.”

– Christen & Steve, Virginia, South Carolina